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Written by MJD Algera

Dear Word Salad Faithful –

Welcome to the first edition of Word Salad Poetry Magazine of 2013. If one of your resolutions this year is to stay inspired, and if you have a nose for poetry then you’ve come to the right place. We have now entered our 19th year of publication.

To start, shirk off the winter blues with the recent release of “Revelations: The Best Poetry of Jean Arthur Jones over the Years,” a very ambitious collection celebrating Jean’s storied career as a poet, and highlights his contributions to Word Salad Poetry Magazine. It includes an introduction by Bruce Whealton, who also edited and published the book – selecting the poems and preparing the book for acceptance in various e-book stores. Since its release early this year, we have been working laboriously to make it accessible at reputable e-book stores, and suffice it to say, we are proud to announce the laundry list of stores where it’s available for purchase.

Look for Revelations at the following mainstream e-book shops: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iTunes, Kobo Bookstore and Google eBookstore, ReaderStore (Sony eReader). So, if you are looking for high quality and affordable poetry on the go, then we urge you to check out one of the above Bookstores. Check out a preview of Revelations at: http://wordsaladpoetrymagazine.com/ebooks/revelations/

We also have a mobile version of Word Salad Poetry Magazine. This features the latest poems and articles, as well as biographies of the poets we have published and their photos. We also, are featuring videos from YouTube, which feature the poets that have been published on Word Salad.

Speaking of poetry by our staff, yours truly has a new collection of poems titled Like Indigenous Tiger, which is my second collection to date. Like Indigenous Tiger along with my first book of poems, Outskirts is available for purchase at the Cyclamens & Swords Publishing bookstore:



To preview sample poems, visit my blog site at http://wwwmeanderingbrick-mjd.blogspot.ca/

Our Featured Poet for this issue is Scott Urban: Scott has three poems titled Encryption, The Hummingbird Poem and Flag at 2:30

Recent work by Scott Urban can be found in Bonded by Blood, volumes 4 and 5 (SNM Horror), Tales of Terror and Mayhem (Evil Jester Press), and Beneath the Pretty Lies (Wicked East Press). After several decades on the Atlantic coast, he now resides among the shadow-shrouded forests of southeastern Ohio where he works with at-risk youth and intends to make sure his new home is haunted. Oh, and he lives on Roller Coaster Road (next to a gingerbread house on the left).

Scott was a valuable contributor to the poetry community while in Wilmington. He collaborated with Bruce Whealton on a poetry collection called Puncture Wounds, a collection dealing with vampires and vampirism. He also edited and provided an introduction to a collection of poems by Jean Jones named Post Mortem.

Aside from Scott, we have at least twenty poets to showcase such as Marc Carver, William Doreski, Michael Brownstein, Patricia Wentling, Joe Farley, Abigail Wyatt, Christopher Reilley and Elnaz Rezaei Ghalechi. We would also like to welcome newcomers Sam Talley, Benjamin Blake and Samuel Luck to the Word Salad fold.

In an effort to build up our poet profiles and cement a stronger e-community, we would like to extend an invite to our past contributors to submit updated bios, photos, links to previous publications or anything poetry related (the skies the limit!). If you have a video of yourself reading your poetry, whether to the camera or on stage at one of your favourite venues, we would like to see it:

“Broadcast yourself,” as is the catchword on YouTube. Feel free to drop us a line at editors@wordsaladpoetrymagazine.com with the link to your youtube video and we will add it to our web app.

In other Word Salad news, Bruce Whealton our fearless leader is proud to announce his new mobile web app at http://wordsaladpoetrymagazine.com/mobile/

Although this version of Word Salad has a refined and distinctive look and navigational system in comparison to our original website, make no mistake the content is the same as what you see on the web, and it has some extras. We still have all the back issues of Word Salad, the Editors page, and submission guidelines, but we now offer two new pages: one, is an authors’ page where visitors can thumb through our past and present contributors, access their bios, photos, past publications with Word Salad and elsewhere on a single page; the other showcases a videography of contributors such as Jean Jones, Scott Urban, Andrea Young, Marc Carver (we’re trying to expand and build upon this concept, and if you or if you know someone who may wish to contribute a poetry video, please do – for example we expect to add videos by Michael Lee Johnson soon). As mentioned, in the above paragraph, if you have been featured on Word Salad and you have a video, please send us a link to the video. For example, if it is on Youtube, send an email to editors@wordsaladpoetrymagazine.com and we will add the video to the app. Take Word Salad on the go! It’s fast, convenient and versatile. While this app is optimized to work on SmartPhones and Tablet devices, this app is assured to work on both PC and MAC devices, using your web browser.

So, there you have it: we have brought plenty of poetry news to the table, poetry mediums that cross beyond the invisible margins of the white page. We hope that you enjoy the new issue, the new mobile web app, the video library on the new web app, Like Indigenous Tiger, Outskirts, and revel over Revelations. Take whatever speaks to you. Read between the lines …

And you will find the poem there.


Revelations is available online at the following URLs:

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Revelations: The Best Poetry of Jean Arthur Jones Over the Years

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Puncture Wounds

Poetry about Vampires and Vampirism

By Scott Urban and Bruce Whealton

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